Rebel Ridge Gardens - Bill and Pat Switzer
This is our booth at the Barren County Farmers' Market at the Health Dept.


This is our booth at the Ag Festival in 2013

Bill did a beekeeping demonstration for the people there.


Bill - My best friend and husband. These are the blueberries he
has worked on so hard for years.

Bill is the Vice President of the Barren County Farmers' Market.
I am the Coordinator and Secretary.

If you would like to contact Rebel Ridge you can:

Email us here

Willee - future farmer of America!

Getting ready to plow the back forty!

In memory of our beautiful little girl, Pita.

November 1, 2008 - July 20, 2013
To say we miss her is an understatement.
We are lost without her.

Our new "not so little" girl, Frita..

She loves everybody, including our 7 cats!
She can't replace our Pita but she is a wonderful girl.

We are members of both
the Kentucky Proud and the
Kentucky Proud
Homegrown by Heroes

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One of Pat and Bill's Favorite Recipes

Stir Fry

The reason I like stir fry is that you can use just about
anything and it is a good way to use up little bits of things.

I usually start by preparing my veggies.
I clean and chop them into bite-sized pieces.
I like to use a mixture and have put in everything but the
kitchen sink. I especially like carrots, celery, brocolli,
shredded cabbage, summer squash, green beans, snow
or green peas, onions and have even used daylily buds,
okra, eggplant and green tomatoes, among other things.

I brown some meat in a medium hot pan with some oil.
One of the good things about this is that it is so versatile.
If you don't like meat, just use the veggies. Use whatever
oil you want but you don't need much. When it is browned,
toss in the veggies and stir till they are a little tender yet
still crispy.

I usually add some kind of broth, then stir in a slurry made
from about 2 tablespoons of cornstarch mixed with
cold water. Pour that in slowly and stir, it will thicken quickly.

I serve this over rice - cooked of course, - or noodles.
I usually put in some soy sauce, garlic and sometimes ginger.
Most of the time we have nuts sprinkled over the top after it is
in our plates. Bill likes cashews best but we also use peanuts.

During the summer when there are so many good things coming
in, we have this at least twice a week.



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