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Kentucky Proud Logo The name "Kentucky Proud"
conveys the value and
advantages of buying locally.

The term "HOME GROWN" does NOT mean LOCALLY GROWN. Donít let this term fool you. It is used by the produce industry as a gimmick. They know you think it means locally grown. If you donít take the time to think about it, you are apt to automatically pick up an item and buy it. It is an advertising trick. Donít be taken in by it.

You will even find this term in the winter when you know local produce canít possibly be coming in. And they donít consider it a lie because everything is grown at SOMEONEíS home - regardless of where it is sold.

You can read more on our page on what "Homegrown" really means.

When you come to our Kentucky Proud Farmersí Market and see the Kentucky Proud logo on anything, you can be assured that the produce there is LOCALLY GROWN by Kentucky farmers. We are not allowed to sell anything not grown in Kentucky. You donít have to worry about whose ďHomeĒ it was grown at because it was grown near your OWN home!

And when you see the "Homegrown by Heroes" Logo, you know it is also grown by one of our American Heroes. To read more about the Kentucky Proud Homegrown by Heroes Program, Click HERE

When freshness counts - buy "LOCALLY GROWN" produce at your Kentucky Proud Farmersí Market.

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