Proudly Grown by American Heroes
at the Barren County Farmers' Market!

Homegrown by Heroes Logo Homegrown by Heroes
means it is grown by
an American Veteran.
Kentucky Proud means
it is grown in Kentucky.
Local Heroes and
Local Produce mean
The best of the best!

When our Veterans come home, some of them take up a new career in agriculture. Some have become farmers, some work for farmers, some are producers and growers and gardeners. When you see this logo, you know that the person who grew this, is someone you want to support because they protected you in service to their beloved America. And please don't forget, when you buy something from this Hero, be sure to thank him or her for their service. We can't thank them enough for keeping us safe and free. May God Bless them ALL!

Barren County Regional Farmers' Market -
specializing in Kentucky Grown Produce!

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