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Pitset Manufactured/Modular Homes

If you wish to make your manufactured or modular home look better, fit in better with site-built homes, enhance its beauty or just not look like the average manufactured home then consider a "pit set" for your new home when it is set up. It will cost a little more than a normal setup but it really should not be that much. And the entry way will not be 3 feet off the ground.

In order to pit set a home, you have to have an actual pit dug in the ground, with the bottom as level as possible. The approximate depth will be how deep the blocking would be underneath the home. Runners or a concrete pad are poured in the bottom of the pit. One end of the pit needs to be sloped in order to place the sections into the pit. When the home is blocked up, the outside bottom edge should be about 3 to 4 inches above ground level.

A perimeter wall is built, usually out of pressure treated plywood around the edge of the home and inside the pit. (Other materials could be used if desired, a poured concrete wall, concrete block wall or other suitable material). Make certain that any moisture has a way to drain out from underneath the home in case it is necessary.

Vents can be installed at the very edge of the bottom of the home or an exhaust fan with a humidistat in it installed to ventilate underneath the home. Dirt is then back-filled to the wall and sloped away from the home so that rain and sprinkler water will run off and away instead of underneath the home. Generally, a box type entry with a lid is built on the back side or end so that entry may be gained to the plumbing, etc., if ever necessary.

Many Manufactured Home Communities require their homes to be set in this manner. Many cities or other communities who are leery of manufactured homes will be pleasantly surprised and more likely to want a manufactured home within their jurisdiction once they see a picture, or better yet, an actual home that is "Pit Set."

Enjoy your new home!


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