What's the Difference Between a Trailer,
a Mobile Home, a Modular Home and
a Manufactured Home?

This is a Trailer...
This is a Trailer.

It is very useful for hauling things around but you wouldn't want to call it home.



This is a Mobile Home...
Mobile Home - great for camping!
Great for hitching to your car or truck to go camping or anytime you have to move around a lot. Some of them are very roomy inside and you can wave at people as they pass by on the road - but would you want it as a permanent home? Probably not.




This is a Modular Home...

Modular Home being craned onto site.

A Modular Home is built at the factory and delivered on the bed of a truck. A crane is used to load and unload the home, usually making delivery more expensive. Manufactured Homes have to meet, and usually exceed, strenuous HUD standards. Modular homes only have to meet the standards of the state in which they are built which may or may not meet HUD codes. Because of this, they usually cannot be delivered to a different state which may have different codes.







This is a Manufactured Home...
A comfortable Manufactured Home with Tilt 'N Clean Rain Gutters.
Permanent, comfortable, stylish and affordable.

They quit building what USED to be called Mobile Homes in 1976. They are built better now, meant to be permanent homes and called Manufactured Homes. They aren't made to be pulled by a car. You can't haul anything on them or take a vacation in them but they sure are nice to come home to.

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