On too many occasions, they contact me friends or friends of my friends worried about the problems that are producing the works they are doing at home, large or small, but the fact is that I always find out that they are doing works when problems arise.

Quality Luxury Home Builders in Phoenix AZ.Unfortunately, in this country, the construction companies came out like mushrooms in the era of bonanza, and any bricklayer called himself a builder, without knowing that it is not the same to make a partition than to do an entire reform, but of course, the color of money can do everything, and many could not resist the temptation to make money with the endless market of reforms, works, building … in short with construction.

In view of the fact that there were already many acquaintances or clients who called me last bull when the mess was already practically irreparable, I decided to draw up this small list of important things to take into account for the contracting of construction work, hoping to At least my readers can anticipate the problems.

  1. Let yourself be advised.

If you do not have any acquaintance, ask a professional for advice, he will advise you perfectly for very little money that you will surely save yourself thanks to his advice. For my part, I offer to advise you without a compromise on what you need, and you just have to contact me, you will see how it is worth it.

  1. Haste is not good

You have been saving a lot of time for your work, negotiating with banks to get the money, making you cartoons and measuring your house or a lot of circumstances that have made time go by and your desire to have your work done is increasing, but not let yourself be carried away by the rush to hire the company that is going to make the reform. It is possibly the most important decision of the whole work, so take your time, define well what you want, ask for references, study the company well and above all, do not focus on one, ask for several budgets.

  1. Make sure companies study work well before budgeting.

This point is in relation to the comments made in the previous one. That the companies study perfectly what you want to do, that they see it in situ, that they verify if there are pipes, sockets to modify or any other thing that can interfere with carrying out the work that you want. Let them study it perfectly and, above all, make it very clear that you will not accept extras that do not come directly from your requests outside the budget. You should be able to demand that unplanned work does not arise, so look at everything well before assessing anything.

  1. Ask for several quotes.

At least ask for three, but not to find the cheapest one, but to see where the prices are. If you value the same jobs and one is much cheaper than the others, then suspect. In my experience as an expert, I can tell you that in 90% of the occasions that I have gone to experience some poorly executed work, the client had chosen the cheapest budget.

  1. Check the professionalism of the companies contacted

Companies that know how to do everything and do everything super well are suspicious. Do not get carried away by how well a company sells and check its professionalism. There are many indications that help you see the professionalism of a company.

Ask for references with phone numbers of clients who have done their jobs, and if you can consult former clients, their degree of satisfaction with the company. See if they have technicians in the company. See if they take into account the safety of workers, it is a clear indicator of professionalism, although surely the most professional companies will be a bit more expensive … but surely it will be profitable in the long run, believe me.

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