Which gate do you choose for the entrance to your construction site?

The entrance to your construction site is not an invitation for theft or vandalism. Your access is not a request for frustration from on-and-off construction traffic. An entrance to your construction site is a question for authorized persons to enter the site with respect. But how do you create an obstacle-free and burglar-resistant entrance that matches your construction site? This blog provides insight into the pros and cons of buying a sliding gate, sliding construction gate or a swing gate.

Type of sliding gates, sliding gates and swing gates

  1. Double swing gate

This is the most used and cheapest application for creating an entrance. This double swing gate is constructed using two building gates. This type of entrance is used for short-term construction projects with a minimum risk of burglary. You can easily link this fence to the existing fence.

The choice is highly dependent on the risk profile of your construction site.

  1. Slide construction fence

This is the type of entrance that is most used after the swing gate application. Here one or two robust building fences are used, which are pushed together. Depending on the desired passage, one or two building fences are used. This construction is often closed with a padlock. A sliding construction gate is often used when the turn, as with the turn-sliding gate, cannot be made. Everyone can easily walk in and out here, even after the working day. It is susceptible to burglary and requires some action when opening and closing. These sliding construction gates are most often purchased on short sections without a high intrusion profile.

  1. Sliding gate (electric)

A sliding gate is a high-quality and therefore more expensive option to buy. On the other hand, a sliding gate also offers many advantages. The sliding gate is supplied on a concrete surface, a slab, and stands directly like a house. After the electricity has been connected, the sliding gate is easily operated remotely by the operator and / or doorman and securely closed after working hours. After use, the sliding gate is lifted in its entirety and transported to the next construction site. The sliding gate is purchased or rented for long-term construction projects, provided with expensive (read: theft-sensitive materials), such as housing projects.

  1. Bar swing gate

The bar swing gate is an alternative to the electric sliding gate. A bar swing gate consists of two gate wings with a small turning circle and is easy to mount between the existing fence line. Because this gate is not electrically operated and has a (small) turning circle, it is cheaper than the sliding gate. You buy a barred swing gate if your construction site is burglar-resistant and the construction period long. The difference with regard to the sliding gate is mainly in the ease of operation. This type of swing gate is robust and very suitable for long-term use. The point comb mounted on the top scares off unwanted visitors. Outside working hours you securely close the site with an integrated and solid lock.

Choice depends on sensitivity to theft and type of construction site

As you read above, the choice is highly dependent on the risk profile of your construction site, the type of materials used at the construction site, on-and-off construction traffic and the duration of your construction process. The requirements for this partly determine the advice (and therefore costs) for buying fencing, such as a sliding gate for your entrance. Above all else, the design of your entrance must be practically and financially feasible. You make a personal choice for years, so make sure you make it well-considered.