Until a few decades ago, a house builder was a craftsman. It was a local building contractor who built one to two houses a year. House creation was often done by a family-owned company.

Since then, the home construction industry has evolved considerably . It is not much more TPE but SMEs see large groups. Freelance masons and carpenters who built houses from A to Z have given way to larger and more structured businesses. Customers who want to build have found many benefits. The reliability of the constructions has increased thanks to the standardization of construction methods. In addition, the price of single-family homes has fallen and houses are becoming bioclimatic ( more).

Overall, an individual home builder today offers many services in addition to simple construction. It is in the quality of these services that the customer finds satisfaction.

Many players are now present on the market. Some have become real estate developers. Names like Maison France Confort, Phoenix Houses, Babeau Seguin, Maison Pierre, Geoxia regularly circulate when looking for builder names. But how to choose? We believe that the best builder is the one who offers you the best services at the best price in a project tailored to you. Indeed, many companies have become too rigid. They no longer have the flexibility to adapt to the real needs of their clients.

We have gradually added all the services required for the realization of a house faithful to your aspirations. We wish to get you the best in custom construction while respecting the home construction budget you have set for yourself. It is thanks to this state of mind that our customers are satisfied .

To build according to Arizona.

House styles

At our firm, we think a good builder is suited to his region. Within a region, there are also many differences. Building in Arizona requires adaptability. The styles of new houses are not the same according to the departments. They evolve descending from Haute-Savoie to Savoy, Ain, Isère, Rhône, Drôme, Ardèche, Loire, Vaucluse. For example, a sloped roof model will suit some departments while a flat roof model will suit others. Discover the houses that our clients have built .

You already know that the style of a contemporary house is not the same as a traditional house. But the definition of a traditional style is not the same in two different departments. Between the plans of a conventional house in Savoy and plans of conventional houses of Vaucluse, there are many differences.

Builders are proposing plans for modern homes that are becoming more daring. Some offer cubic house models, L-shaped house models, wooden one-story house models, modern two-storey house models. See this article from terrain-construction. We choose the style of home that suits you. At our firm, our technical skills allow us to adapt to all your desires. You can benefit from modern house plans adapted to your project. The flexibility of our organization allows us to guarantee you a price of construction content.