An electric sliding gate offers safe and controlled access to the construction site. The building site remains closed during working days and suppliers and construction workers must first identify themselves by means of an access pass or mobile, before they can enter the building site. An electric sliding gate therefore offers high security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The investment of an electric sliding gate can be recovered in many areas. Certainly also because as a construction company you can take the electric gate from project to project. But it also offers benefits in direct control of access to the construction site. Where an access control site is always needed for a building site that is not closed or an easy-to-open gate, it is sufficient to have someone with an electric sliding gate control the access exercised by someone who also carries out other work. He does not have to stand at the gate full time because it can be controlled remotely. Place the check with the project leader and he can immediately check the materials and quantities supplied. And he can immediately indicate where the driver should unload. In this way, an electric entrance gate contributes to faster logistics handling. Drivers call a mobile number on arrival to immediately unload at the right place.

Optimally closed building site

Because the gate also remains closed during working hours, the chance of people coming to the construction site who have nothing to do with it is minimized and with that the risk of theft is considerably reduced.

Sliding gate takes up less space

Especially in inner-city areas, a sliding gate offers an extra big advantage, because it takes up less space than a sliding gate. The sliding gate does not make cumbersome movements, so that people or vehicles are not obstructed. Neither does one have to take into account a minimum distance for approaching the gate. Especially on tight construction sites, such as in inner-city areas where people build on a ‘stamp’, the sliding gate offers a logistical solution. An access of up to seven meters is created, which means that every vehicle can drive onto and off the site without any problems.

Quality of the sliding gate

The operation of an electric sliding gate can be arranged in various ways. The gate can be opened with a remote control that can be operated remotely. Another option is via a mobile phone dialer. One calls a number after which the gate opens. An ideal solution for drivers who, as we have already indicated, deliver materials outside working hours. Both a hand-held transmitter and a mobile phone transmitter do not offer the certainty that a sliding gate closes completely after entering, because it stops when something blocks access. In that case, the gate remains open for unauthorized persons.

This can be prevented by using an infrared laser. Because these infrared sensors detect whether the access is free. For example, when a truck is still inside the sensors of the sliding gate, it locks so that the gate is closed. However, when access is free, the gate closes immediately. In this way damage to materials and vehicles is prevented and one is always assured of a closed construction site. Electric gates also have a soft-stop, which reduces the sliding speed when the gate is almost closed.